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about the designer

My design aesthetic stems from my love of Old Hollywood movies, which was instilled in me by my grandmother. I became entranced with the fantasy of the story, the glamour of the actresses, and the beauty of the fashions. As a child, I would create imaginary worlds for my mind to escape to where I was the heroine of my own story. As a designer I find that I utilize this passion in creating stories for my collections to imagine a more fantastical world.


 Adding more interest to my designs and further weaving the theme into the garments, I enjoy print development, digitally and physically, using manipulations, dye techniques, and photographic prints to inform the surface designs. Inspired by organic shapes and the delicacy of natural objects, I create prints that showcase my love of color and texture. My design process begins with draping found garments to create unique and feminine silhouettes. Intertwining the real world with the world in my mind, I design womenswear garments that reflect a whimsical nature with a twist.

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